Wendy Nowosielski

We had an absolutely amazing wedding and after wedding shoot with Laura. Such an enthusiastic girl who takes amazing pictures in a casual way. We are very satisfied with Laura and the results!

Angela Altena

Guapo and I have been in front of Laura her lens 5 times now (2x privately, 3x with a group)! Laura shoots very beautiful photos, thinks along with you during the shoot, is openminded and has a lot of patience (which sometimes was needed with us haha). Where Laura stands out is a property one would not necessarily expect from a photographer. Ze is very caring! She is always concerned with the well-being of the model and horse and is willing to help out with everything. I would describe Laura her style as romantic. She has a great eye for detail and knows how to create an extra dimension of ambiance in her post-processing. Long story short: If you want a photographer with great value for money in a super relaxed atmosphere? Choose Laura Oonk Photography! 😁📸

Yvonne Nieuw

Laura makes wonderful pictures of which I already have 3 hanging on my wall. Besides that, she does not make things complicated but rather natural so that “posing” does not become a thing. On top of that, she delivers the pictures very quickly. All in all, I would definitely call her again next time to book a shoot! A fat 5 stars!

Kimberley Roerade

Laura shot our wedding on June 7th 2019. We are super satisfied. From the first moment, the communication with Laura was very pleasant. It was great that Laura took charge of the shoot as we had no idea what to do. She made us feel very much at ease during the shoot. During the rest of the day we hardly noticed Laura was around. I think this was essential because this did not makes us put on forced smiles. The end result was fabulous. The photos are truly amazing and we are more than happy with them. I would recommend Laura to anybody asking. You will not regret it. Dear Laura, thank you for the wonderful photos and your energy. Your passion for photography really shows, not only in the end result but also during the shoot!

Emma van Veldhuizen

Laura is a super enthusiastic lady who sees opportunities for beautiful pictures everywhere. During our photoshoot, she was highly motivated and delivered great quality. She knows what will result in the best pictures and gives very pleasant instructions. The communication was great, quick and friendly. Long story short, it was a pleasure working with Laura and 100% recommended for a photoshoot.

Esmee Blankestijn

I have had multiple shoots with Laura. She is patient, a perfectionist and thinks along with you. She give instructions where necessary, is calm and creates a very pleasant vibe overall. Afterwards, she delivers the photos quickly and does a great job post-processing. Greatly recommended.

Marleen Sindram

After a lovely photoshoot with Laura in 2019, we invited her to shoot our wedding in 2020. She takes her time and keeps a close eye on everything that is going on. She makes you feel at ease, jokes around and produces very spontaneous photos. We are very happy with the way she works. Also, I think the biggest compliments came from our guests. They told us how nice it was that the photographer was not in the way of the ceremony. Laura shoots the right pictures at the right time while staying in the background. We absolutely recommend her!

Sissy Keuver

Love shoot. Laura thinks in advance about where the shoot takes place, how the light will be in that location and what she wants to accomplish with the pictures. For us, the sunset was the challenge but thanks to Laura everything went perfect. We got beautiful pictures.

Rosalinde Boomgaard

Laura is a very spontanious photographer with great ideas. Her photo's are amazing! It's always fun and relaxed when you are having a shoot with a great result. I definitely recommend Laura if you are looking for a great photographer!

Zoë Blankenstein

I have done multiple shoots with Laura and every time it is a great pleasure working with her. Besides the fact that she is super talented, she always knows how to comfort us and thanks to her instructions the resulting photos always show our best side. She is also very patient and always knows how to create the perfect pictures. Laura thinks along with me all the time and is always open to try new things. I can recommend her to everybody!

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